Here's a gallery of awesome Specialists-inspired art from other comic and webcomic creators. Each entry includes a link to the contributor's site, so make sure to check out their work!

Fan Art

And here are some pieces contributed by fans. If you'd like to add a piece to our fan art gallery, see the guidelines below.

Lady Liberty
McKenna, age 10
James H., Birmingham, England
Together for Victory
Les Vosla
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Lady Liberty
TK James
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We'd love to add your drawing to our fan art gallery! Send images to Just follow these guidelines:

  • Submissions must include one or more characters from The Specialists comic, though crossovers are okay.
  • Please don't depict nudity, sex, or drug use, or include any foul or abusive language. We'll be the final arbiters of what is acceptable, but basically, try to keep things PG rated.