Agnes Deveraux
Lady Liberty

Agnes Jessup grew up in a small town in Minnesota, dreaming of moving to Hollywood and becoming a movie star. As soon as she turned 18, she set off to make a name for herself as Agnes Deveraux. But although her looks got her plenty of auditions, she didn’t have the acting chops to land many rolls. After a couple years of struggling, she answered a classified ad for an opportunity to make some money at UCLA.

Instead of the secretarial job she was expecting, Agnes found that the ad was seeking volunteers for medical experiments. These experiments turned out to be part of Project Athena, which sought to create super-soldiers through a combination of drugs and radiation. The experiments granted Agnes powerful telekinesis, but they also left her emotionally scarred. The once vivacious and outgoing young woman was now painfully shy and awkward. Still, she fared better than any of the other subjects.

Agnes became a member of anti-Übermenschen team The Specialists, which was quickly repurposed into a propaganda tool. As Lady Liberty, she’s America’s wartime sweetheart. A few years ago, she would have considered this the role of a lifetime, but now the constant weight of public scrutiny is a heavy burden.

Denver Brubaker
Bill Walko
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