Al Fukalek is a graphic designer and illustrator. He lives in Lakewood, Ohio with his wife and 4 cats. (And it’s pronounced “few-COLIC.”)

Shawn Gustafson is a computer programmer living in the Denver area. He has too much belly and too little hair.

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Special Thanks

Some typefaces used in the lettering of this comic were created by Nate Piekos at

We would like to thank the following people for helping us nurture our ideas at various stages of their development:

  • Matt Bonner
  • Erik Dreher
  • Jean Egdorf
  • Cameron Hays
  • Pharlain Ross

Shawn would also like to thank his wife, Meg, and daughter, Conner, for their consistent support and awesomeness.

Al would like to thank his wife Linda for her support, patience, and the occasional wise-ass remark. He would also like to thank anyone who offered feedback or kind words for the character designs/concepts. And he is terribly grateful to his parents, who never kept him from wasting money on comic books.