This is the second and last week of our hiatus and we have another amazing piece of guest art from another long-time supporter of The Specialists, Denver Brubaker. Denver is the creator of Tales of a Checkered Man, the excellent and hilarious comic strip about a superhero wannabe. It updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays and it’s a lot of fun to read. We highly recommend it!

Denver’s guest piece features a character we haven’t introduced yet, though she will be along soon. Once again, it’s exciting to see another artist’s take on our characters, and we love what Denver has done with Lady Liberty. Her costume is one of my favorite of Al’s designs. I just think it captures the time period so well. And Denver really nailed it, translating Al’s design to his own style seamlessly.

Next week, we’ll be returning to our regularly scheduled webcomic with the beginning of chapter 2. Thanks once again to Denver and Arlene for their fantastic guest pieces!