This is our very first piece of guest art, by Arlene Zeller. Arlene has been a supporter of The Specialists for a long time, and we’re honored by her contribution. I love the concept for this drawing. Here’s how Arlene describes it: “Just like a normal teenage boy would spend his time doting over his first car, Max spends time making sure his robot is nice and shiny and free of battle damage.”

Arlene is the creator of the awesome webcomic Shadows of Enchantment, which you should check out. It’s a fantasy story set in a world where the powerful-yet-corrupting forces of enchantment, which have been suppressed for hundreds of years, are starting to reawaken. Arlene’s art style is bright and colorful, with character designs that remind me of classic Disney animation.

Shadows of Enchantment updates on Thursdays. There are currently just over a hundred pages in the archive, so it’s not difficult to catch up with. Give it a look!