We kick off the next 2 weeks of guest and fan art with a piece by Calvin Garcia, creator of William Feist, Paranormal Investigator. It’s a fantastic drawing, and one that Shawn and I were both blown away by when it arrived via e-mail. I think Calvin really captured the bestial nature of Hartmann, and I (for one) am particularly impressed by his brushwork; I’m lousy at inking, so I’m slightly jealous. The paper background—which Calvin says is from an old journal—is a really nice touch. All in all, one of the best pieces of guest art we’ve had the privilege to present to our readers.

Head on over to Calvin’s comic when you get a minute.  “William Feist is everything you hate in a person and more. He smokes, he drinks, and he’s obnoxious. Armed with an affinity for magic, William protects those who can’t protect themselves from things that go bump in the night.”

William Feist, Paranormal Investigator

Thanks again to Calvin for kicking off the next 2 weeks in spectacular style!