Good day, friends. Your old pal Al here. Today’s spectacular guest art comes courtesy of Kevin Gentilcore, creator of Teenage Love Zombies. According to Kevin, “TEENAGE LOVE ZOMBIES is the story of love, loss, betrayal, rock n roll and of course, zombies. The story follows Guy, a typical teenager in the 50′s and his burgeoning crush on the popular high school girl. It just so happens that something else is happening in town…” Nifty artwork, dark humor, and zombies–what’s not to like?

His rendition of The Golem is chock full of bold lines and clean colors. Big G looks to be on the verge of smashing something, no?. And dig that background! That’s the kind of thing I wish I’d come up with. Kevin knocked it out of the park with this one.

Kevin is–along with Shawn and I–a part of the Colorado-based Webcomic Pioneers. Pop over and check out his comic as soon as you can. Here’s that link again: Teenage Love Zombies. And join me in thanking Kevin for the awesome guest art!