We’re kicking off our hiatus with this unsettling piece of guest art from Brock Beauchamp. This is the first time anyone has done a guest illustration of the Baron, and I think it captures his subtle menace perfectly. I don’t know what he has in mind for those birds, but I’m sure it’s not nice.

Brock runs Self Centered Entertainment, where he has a number of webcomic projects in varying states of development, as well a host of sketches and other awesome stuff. Give it a look!

Speaking of guest art, the Collective of Heroes Secret Santa contest has been extended a week and we’ve made it easier to win! If you want a shot at winning $50 in Comixology credit, enter now!

We’ll have a new page on January 6th, but we have some more guest art in the meantime, so come back next Monday. And if you celebrate it, have a great Christmas!