Good day, friends. Your old pal Al here. Today’s Guest Art comes courtesy of Tony Esteves, creator of the Legendary Woodsman webcomic, which “takes place in a world where historical facts became skewed to what we now know as fairy tales.” The Woodsman from the Little Red Riding Hood story has become a legacy that has passed down all the way to an adventurer in the current day. Interesting stuff!

I’m always jazzed to see how another artist interprets our characters, and finding this image of Jack-Be-Nimble in my inbox was a real treat. Tony really did a fantastic job, even down to the most minor of details. An excellent pose, full of energy, and the colors are spot on. We’ve gotten a few Bombardier images recently, so it was even more of a pleasure to see another character depicted with such finesse.

Check out Tony’s webcomic when you get a chance. Here’s the link again: And join me in thanking Tony and encouraging him to send us more Guest Art!