Today’s beautiful piece of guest art is from Dan Butcher, the creator of Vanguard, a fellow member of the Collective of Heroes. I never get tired of saying what a treat it is seeing a new interpretation of one of our characters, and Dan’s piece is a great addition to our guest art. He’s knocked it out of the park with this drawing, and — more importantly — captured what The Bombardier is all about. That lovely evening sky, the trail of exhaust from the jetpack, the glints of light off the metal of the harness and belt, are all spot on.  It’s both evocative and full of energy, and I feel like I can’t be complimentary enough. I’m very happy with what Dan has done with this, and hope he’ll contribute more guest art whenever he likes.

If you like this as much as we do, please head on over and take a look at Vanguard. Dan describes Vanguard as “the story of a team of genetically enhanced meta-humans employed by the British government and dispatched on dangerous missions at home and abroad.” Check it out as soon as you can.  We think you’ll dig it. Please join me in thanking Dan for the spectacular art!