Today we have the great pleasure of presenting another great piece of guest art from good friend of The Specialists Tony Esteves, creator of Legendary Woodsman. And it is, in fact, the very first art to feature a crossover with another comic. According to Tony, the rugged fellow getting chummy with Captain Jansen is Jacques Bûcheron, the WWII-era Woodsman. As mentioned in previous guest art, Legendary Woodsman is an “action adventure comic for kids of all ages about an adventurer who operates in the shadows stepping into the spotlight to regain his legacy.” The Woodsman from the Little Red Riding Hood story has become a legacy that has passed down all the way to an adventurer in the current day.

Tony has produced more than his fair share of guest art, and this one is a treat as well. I dig the sepia coloring, I dig the WWII Woodsman, and the Captain’s expression made me chuckle.

Pop on over and enjoy Tony’s comic:

Thanks again, Tony! If The Specialists are ever looking to add a team member from the Great White North, we won’t have to go far to find one.