Golem with photo

Max Finkelstein
The Golem
Like many teenage boys, Max was fascinated by science fiction and superheroes, particularly the Nazi-fighting Specialists. But unlike other boys, Max had the means to make his fantasies a reality. Thanks to his engineering genius and his uncle Ira’s military connections, Max got a grant from the Army to design a battle robot, which he called the Golem. Unfortunately, Max was unable to perfect the Golem’s computer brain in time for its demonstration. In desperation, Max converted the robot into a sort of walking tank, which he controlled from inside. The demonstration was a success and The Specialists’ General Hightower has requested that the Golem prototype be subjected to field tests. Max is thrilled to be working with his heroes, but he is in constant danger of his secret being discovered.
Arlene Zeller
Kevin Gentilcore
Media: Coloring Sheet