Tony Esteves is our most prolific guest artist. This beautiful rendition of Baron Cross– I mean Baron von Schädel is the fourth piece he’s done for us (you can see the first three here)! Tony is also the creator of the excellent comic Legendary Woodsman, which tells the story of a long line of heroic adventurers that began with the woodsman that saved Red Riding Hood from the Big Bad Wolf! Please join us in thanking Tony for his art and give Legendary Woodsman a look!

We’re less than two weeks away from Denver Comic Con (June 13 – 15)! This year promises to be the biggest show yet. The floor is packed with artists and vendors, and the guest list is as long as your arm! We’ll be at table A16 in the “Artist Valley,” so if you’re going to be in the Denver area, come on by and see us! We’ll have print editions of chapters 1 through 3 as well as our gorgeous propaganda posters. And unlike most of the celebrities in attendance, our signatures are always free!

Here’s a map to our table (click for a larger version):

The Specialists at DCC