We’ve been talking the last few weeks now about supporting The Specialists via Patreon, and I wanted to take an opportunity to ask all of our readers who haven’t yet considered it to think about it slightly differently.

First, in case you don’t know: if we can reach the lofty (though not completely unrealistic) amount of $1,000 a month, we’ll publish an extra page a month. If just 25% of you who read our comic on a weekly basis pledge just $1 a month, we would totally crush that goal. That’s one out of every four of you reading this right now. That doesn’t seem like a lot does it?

Now please take a moment and consider this question: how much is The Specialists worth to you? If you’re content to read it for free every month, that’s perfectly fine; we’ll continue to make it available for free and are happy to do so. But if you enjoy reading this story we’ve worked very hard to develop and create, if you’ve become attached to and invested in the lives of our characters, does a quarter a week seem like too much to contribute? How about $12 a year?

I’m not trying to guilt anyone into contributing, and I certainly don’t want anyone to think we’re asking for handouts. We’re not. The Specialists will continue no matter how many of you choose to support us via Patreon. Shawn and I both sincerely appreciate every single one of you that reads our comic, and you’re a very large part of why we’ve continued to plug away at it for four years and nearly 200 pages. Patreon is simply a way for you to say, “I appreciate what you’re creating and want to help make it possible.” We’d love to be able to bring you more story, more art, more of everything you like about The Specialists. With your support, we can do all those things.

Thanks for reading.