At the end of chapter 2, I said that I wanted to see a Crossbones/Metzger road movie in the vein of the old Hope/Crosby films. Now I want to see a version of The Odd Couple with Max and Hartmann!

You may have noticed Captain Victory glowering at you from above the comic page. That’s because we’ve launched our very first Kickstarter campaign! We’re trying to fund the printing of our chapter 1 and 2 books to sell through our site and at conventions, and you can help! In addition to the two books, you can also get propaganda posters, a beautiful Bombardier print that will only be available through this campaign, and custom artwork from my far more talented partner Al! Give it a look!

(If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s a “crowd funding” site, that enables creators to generate funds for a project in advance. It allows you to support projects that you find worthwhile, and in return, the creators provide various rewards, which usually include exclusive or limited-edition items. The best part is that funds are not collected until the end of the campaign, and if it doesn’t reach it’s goal, backers are never charged any money.)

This page features more lyrics from the Lady Liberty song written by Cameron Hays.