Comfortably separated as I am by time, geography, and circumstance, I don’t actually condone this kind of battlefield justice. But for those men who witnessed the atrocities of the Holocaust first hand, I can’t really condemn it either. It’s hard to say how one might react when staring evil in the face.

We now have the schedule for the two panels we’re doing with the Webcomic Pioneers at Denver Comic Con. Both panels will be at the Hyatt, across the street from the convention center.

Blazing Your Own Trail – Saturday, 1:30
A webcomic is an experience, a community and a way of connecting with a creator that no other format can provide. Starting a comic can seem like a long and lonely road, but it doesn’t have to be! Local webcomic creators lay out the simple steps to launch your project. Stake your claim in the world of webcomics today!

Cresting the divide – Sunday, 1:00
Creating a webcomic is only the first step! Local creators tackle the challenges of marketing, building a community and making money from your ideas. The Internet creates a wealth of opportunities to make your work succeed, but what methods are right for you? With properties ranging from Horror to High-fantasy, Sit-com to Super-hero, these Colorado webcomic creators can help set you on the path to success!