First I want to thank everyone for making our launch day a success. A lot of people visited the site, and our Facebook community is growing steadily.

Next, I want to rectify a mistake from my previous post. Al Fukalek, my partner and longtime friend, only got a brief mention, buried down towards the bottom of that entry, and he deserves much better than that. Al does all of the artwork in the comic and the graphics for the site, but he also contributes to the story. I may be the one that writes the final scripts, but the formation of the original ideas is a joint endeavor.

Conversely, I contribute nothing at all to the visual aspect of the site, so I try to pick up the slack by handling technical and administrative stuff, and by blogging. Therefore, I might be more “visible” than Al, but that’s incidental. Al works at least as hard as I on this site, and it wouldn’t exist without him.

Finally, I’d like to expand on our list of thank yous from the “About Us” page.

Matt Bonner, himself an aspiring webcomic creator, has provided valuable feedback on scripts and ideas.

Erik Dreher, Jean Egdorf, Cameron Hays, and Pharlain Ross all participated in a play test for the roleplaying game product that was the first incarnation of “The Specialists”. They portrayed our characters well, and the resulting group dynamic was… illuminating.

Also, Cameron provided the name of Jack-Be-Nimble, whom you will be meeting in Chapter 2. Both Cameron and Pharlain have been enthusiastic supporters of the project from the beginning.

Thanks again, everyone!