star-powerThere are some comics that look gorgeous, and then the writing doesn’t quite live up to that first impression. There are others whose art may not grab you, but if you give them a chance, their stories turn out to be compelling and worth reading. A comic whose beautiful artwork is matched by an equally well-written story is a rare find, but we recently stumbled across one of these gems: Star Power.

Star Power, by webcomic veterans Michael Terracciano (Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire) and Garth Graham (Comedity), is a fun and lighthearted superhero comic with a space opera twist. It’s the story of Danica Maris, a stargazing lab assistant aboard Sanctuary Six, a space station dedicated to scientific research. She becomes obsessed with what seems to be a mysterious star, but turns out to be the custodian of an energy called the Star Power. It bestows this power on Danica, and she becomes the last of the Star Powered Sentinels, just in time to defend Sanctuary Six — and the galaxy — from a powerful threat.

Graham’s art is gorgeous. It’s filled with crazy alien designs that remind me a lot of Carl Potts’ Alien Legion (and to be clear, that’s a really good thing!). Terracciano’s story moves along at a brisk clip and his characters are interesting and likable. Their contributions combine to make a very satisfying read.

Star Power updates on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. It’s just finished its second chapter, so there’s plenty to sink your teeth into. Give it a look!