Today is election day in the US. If you’re of voting age and registered, make sure you get out and vote! We can only have a strong democracy if we all participate!

A couple of things to watch out for:

  • Some polling locations will have ridiculously long lines. I’ve heard of people having to wait hours to cast their vote, and that was during early voting! Be prepared to wait, and don’t give up your opportunity to have your voice heard.
  • Several states tried to pass voter ID laws this year, but they weren’t all successful. Make sure you know your state’s laws, and remember that just because someone asks to see your ID doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re required to show it to vote. Know your rights!

After you’ve voted in the election, make sure to come back here and vote for us in our November Top Web Comics campaign. You can vote for us every day on TWC, so vote early and vote often!