Let me get this out of the way up front: Captain America: The First Avenger is a great movie. Stanley Tucci, Hugo Weaving, and Tommy Lee Jones give strong performances, as you’d expect. The action was fun and exciting. Chris Evans made Steve Rogers grounded and likeable. It’s refreshing to see a truly heroic superhero. Not an antihero or a reluctant hero, but a plain, old fashioned do-gooder. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s a worthy addition to Marvel Studios’ body of work.

That being said, I kind of hated it.

Not really; I’m being dramatic. But it was a little frustrating that the movie featured a story element that will soon be coming up in The Specialists. Now, obviously, we already owe a debt to Captain America. Our Captain Victory, who has finally made his appearance in the last couple of pages, is clearly a spiritual descendent of old Cap. And Panzer bears a striking resemblance to the X-Man Colossus. Hartmann has a pinch of Beast and a dash of Wolverine and Max comes from a long line of robot pilots. In fact, most of our characters will be familiar to anyone who has read comics.

These are archetypes that have appeared in countless iterations since the earliest days of superhero comics. Like so many have done before, we’ve taken the familiar concepts and added our own ideas and interpretations. We humbly acknowledge that we stand on the shoulders of the giants of the golden and silver ages of comics. But we’ve added elements that we’ve never seen before. At least, until now.

I don’t really have a point here. I’m just venting. This is no criticism of Captain America. I’m just frustrated that the movie beat us to the punch on this concept, and stole our thunder. Oh well. I’ll just have to try to come up with another original idea. How about Captain Victory is a vampire, but he only feeds on Nazis? Hmm. I don’t know, I’ll keep working on it…

Thanks for listening to me gripe.


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