Last month, you helped us improve our ranking on Top Web Comics substantially in just a couple of weeks. So now we want to see what we can do when we have the whole month to work with. All this month, we’ll be asking you to vote for us by clicking the TWC image at the top of the right sidebar, or by clicking here. It’s free, it only takes a moment, and you don’t even have to sign up.

You can vote every day, so please vote as often as you can. (You can even vote once per day from every device, so you can do it from home, from work, and from your smartphone, if you’re really feeling industrious, but we don’t want to get greedy!)

The best part is that we’ll be offering special voting incentives all month. These are images that haven’t been seen on the site yet. There’s one available today, and we’ll add a new one every Monday. We might throw some extra ones in the mix as well, so make sure to keep coming back to get them all.

We hate to annoy you, so this campaign will only run through November, and then we won’t bring it up again. Thanks so much for your support!