We’ve been flogging our Kickstarter campaign pretty hard lately, but there are a few more current projects you should be aware of.

First up is Poor Wayfaring Strangers, a western fantasy anthology featuring work by eight creators, including Erin Mehlos, who contributed the gorgeous Lightning Lass art print to our own campaign. Erin is also the creator of one of my favorite webcomics, Next Town Over.

Fans of The Specialists who are also into tabletop roleplaying games should check out Against the Axis, a WWII superhero supplement with stats for Icons, Supers!, and Savage Worlds rules. This is from Fainting Goat Games, creators of the Stark City line of superhero RPG products.

Finally, we have a campaign that certainly doesn’t need any promotional help from us, but that I feel compelled to bring to your attention. If you’re a tabletop RPG player, you should really check out the campaign for John Wick’s 7th Sea revival. The original was a fantastic game, and the new edition looks great. But best of all, if you pledge $40 or more, you’ll get the game an all stretch goals in PDF form, as well as the entire 1st edition 7th Sea line. That’s hundreds of dollars worth of content! They’ve already unlocked fourteen stretch goals, so the value is staggering.