A few years back, I stumbled across a site for an independent movie that was in production called Iron Sky. It was an alternate history of WWII in which the Nazis flee the Earth in 1945 and take up residence on the far side of the moon. There they build their strength until the present day (or the near future), when they come back to finish what they started.

It’s a ridiculous premise, obviously, but it fits right in to the sub-genre of far-out, Nazi-themed science fiction. And it looked cool. Check it out:

Now the producers have released a new teaser, which features Udo Kier as a Nazi officer. The tone of this trailer is markedly different and frankly, I’m no longer looking forward to this like I once was. Take a look:

Kier’s performance, as well as the strange segment with the school kids, seems much campier than what I was expecting from the first trailer. The final film is nearly a year away, so I could be proven wrong, but at this point, I’m really disappointed in the direction this has taken. It seems like a missed opportunity.