Well, at least someone is happy about the new troops.

As I’m sure you’re aware, we’ve had a hard time keeping up with our weekly schedule lately. It turns out that it’s just really difficult for two old guys with day jobs to stay on top of a time-consuming side gig. For a while now, we’ve been operating with practically no buffer, which means that any delay that comes up forces us to take a short hiatus to catch up again. Well, we want to break that cycle for good. But we’re not taking another hiatus. Instead, we’re temporarily switching to a biweekly schedule for a few months. During the slowdown, we’ll have new guest art every week. We already have a few pieces lined up, and they look great!

We’ll return to weekly updates before too long, and when we do, we’ll have built up our buffer to a more sustainable level. In the meantime, come back next week for an awesome piece of guest art, and we’ll have a new page for you the week after that!