Well, that’s a cliffhanger, if ever I saw one. Any guesses as to who the new recruits will be?

This week, in our Patreon, it’s Panzer week. We’ll have RPG stats for the massive metal mute in Tabletop Tuesday, and a new Personnel Files toward the end of the week. We’ll also be releasing a new War Story this week for our $5 patrons, which, coincidentally, explores Panzer’s origin story.

If you’re in northern Colorado, see if you can make it to FoCoCoCo, the Fort Collins Comic Con, the weekend of August 26th. Not only will I have a table there, but I’ll be sitting on two panels: One about RPG game-mastering with game designer extraordinaire Sean Patrick Fannon, and another about creating indie comics with my fellow comics writer Todd Jones. It should be a great time, so I hope to see you there!