“Hi, central casting, this is Shawn. I’m going to need one shouty general. What’s that? Veins? Oh, extra bulgy, please.”

This month, we’re re-launching our Patreon campaign. We’ve started two new weekly features:

First, there’s Tabletop Tuesday. In this feature, I’ll be statting up our major characters for a variety of popular superhero tabletop roleplaying games.

Second, Personnel Files is a video series in which Al and I discuss the origins of each of our characters, both conceptually and visually.

The introductory installments of both of these features are available to everyone, and you can find them via the links above. Future installments will be available to all of our patrons. This week, we’ll be discussing Max Finkelstein and the Golem in both features. Give them a look, and if you like what you see, consider becoming our patron for as little as a dollar a month!