Oh Walt, you sweet, sweet optimist.

Last weekend, we joined the BAMF podcast for an episode focused on Golden Age comics and The Specialists. Check it out!

We hate to have to do this, but we’re going to take a six-week hiatus, starting next week. Our Kickstarter campaign has reached its funding goal, and we need to concentrate on getting the book off to the printers as quickly as possible. Sorry for the delay! But one of the things we’ll be working on is a new introduction, so we’ll have four or six extra pages for you when we get back.

Speaking of our Kickstarter campaign, we’re in our final two weeks, and making progress toward our stretch goals. We’re on track to easily reach the first, but I’m really hoping that we can reach our second. If we do, we’ll add a brand new 8-page Bombardier story to the book, with artwork by Arvell Jones! If you haven’t checked out the campaign yet, have a look and back us if you can. Otherwise, please spread the word!