As I’ve said on many occasions, my partner Al is doubly talented. Not only is he a fantastic artist, but he can write too. On this page, I provided him with a list of phrases for the thought balloons, but it wasn’t enough to achieve the effect of cerebral overload that I was hoping for, so Al wrote a bunch more, many of which I like more than my own.

Fan and patron of The Specialists Jonathan Boynton is an aspiring writer. He recently had one of his stories featured in Wyrd Chronicles, the official magazine of gaming company Wyrd Miniatures. Set in the Malifaux universe, The Nature of Souls is the tragic story of a marshal haunted by his past, a woman possessed by demons, and zombies. Lots of zombies. Download the free pdf and give it a read!

Denver Comic Con is coming up next month (the 13th through the 15th; hope to see you there!) and that means we’ll be taking a couple of weeks off. But this year, the comic’s hiatus will actually precede the convention. There won’t be a new comic page on May 26 or June 2, but we are working on getting some guest art lined up. If you’d like to do a guest piece, drop me a line at