This page, along with 183, turned into a two-page spread kind of inadvertently during the layout stage. As I was turning Shawn’s script into thumbnails and working out how everything should be depicted, I hit on this idea of featuring Agnes pretty prominently in the foreground of each page. In the script as written, she was to appear in the first panel of 182 and the last panel of 183, as a sort of framing device. The upside of the layout as it evolved into its final state is that when seen side-by-side in the printed version, the pages will appear as a single spread. It’s not something we’ve done so far in the story and it’s important to try some new things and experiment. Once 183 is published next week, we may combine them into a single spread here on the site so you can see it as we intend it to appear in the book.

One more item of note: in addition to our third appearance at Denver Comic Con 2014, we’ve just signed up for a table in the Artist’s Alley at this year’s inaugural Cleveland Pop Expo, May 16-18 at the new convention center. It’ll be fun to have a big event like this in my home town, and makes it a little easier for us to be at a show other than in Denver. (Cincinnati, Columbus, Pittsburgh all have pretty good size shows, but to go to one of those would require a bit more of us in the way of expenses.) Plan on checking out the Cleveland Pop Expo if you’re able. We’d love to meet, talk, sign stuff, draw sketches, all that good stuff. We’ll keep you updated as the show gets closer.

Cleveland Pop Expo

We’re also considering a table at this year’s Akron Comic Con, since it’s close and pretty affordable. We’ll keep you posted on that as well.