Thanks to everyone who voted for us on Top Web Comics in November, we spent much of the month in the top 50 and brought a lot of new readers to the site. So thank you all for votes. It means a lot to us!

As Burnout Hartmann mentioned above, we’ve joined the Comic Creators for Freedom, who are dedicated to raising money to put an end to human trafficking, which is just the modern term for slavery. It has been estimated that there are currently 4.5 million people being held for sexual exploitation and over 14 million are in forced labor. I can’t even wrap my head around those numbers.

The CCF has assembled an awesome desktop wallpaper featuring awkward school photos of characters from over 160 independent comics. If you follow this link and contribute to the cause, you’ll not only get this wallpaper, but the first two chapters of The Specialists in PDF format for free. Any amount will help. Our personal goal is to raise $500. If we can get just 100 of our readers to chip in $5, we’ll reach that easily!

(None of this money comes to us. All we get out of this is the satisfaction of doing a small thing to try to help make a big difference. We’d love to share that with you!)