My writing process for this scene was unusual. Usually, my process goes something like this: think, think, think, think, write, delete, think, think, cry, write-really-fast, deliver to Al at the last minute. In other words, I spend a lot more time thinking about what I’m going to write than actually writing. (And I know this is a really bad habit; occasionally, I can make some progress by forcing myself to write, even if I don’t like what I’m producing, and then cleaning it up later. But that often doesn’t work for me.)

But for this scene, I thought inspiration had struck early, and I actually wrote a couple of pages weeks in advance. But then I tried to finish what I’d started, and I realized that I didn’t like my first attempt. I ended up writing and re-writing pages several times, and the scene kind of got away from me. This page is a good example of something that didn’t work out quite like I’d wanted it to. I had intended for Mark’s last line (“That’s my special power.”) to come at the end of last week’s page, where the “special power” talk had started. But I ended up with way too much stuff in between to fit on one page, and so the punchline got separated from the setup.

I know it’s not a tragedy, and I think it still works pretty well, but it shows what can happen when I ramble (like now!).

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