Unrelated to today’s page, here’s some housekeeping news:

A couple of commenters have pointed out that our use of “Kapitän” in Kapitän Deutschland was incorrect, since that is strictly a naval title, and not an army rank. It would be more accurate to call him Hauptmann Deutschland. We’ve known about his for a while, but we had ignored it, for no better reason than that “Kapitän” sounded better to our English speakers’ ears.

But being so publicly wrong rankled us, and so we finally decided to fix our mistake. However, we decided not to simply change the name to “Hauptmann Deutschland,” simply because that seemed like a naming pattern that had been played out. It’s impossible to read [military rank] [country name] and not think of Captain America (and in fact, Cap has fought a Hauptmann Deutschland in the comics already). So instead, we’ve renamed Kapitän DeutschlandDer Arier,” or “The Aryan”.

Anyway, we just wanted to make you aware of the change. Carry on!