Poor General Hightower. It’s like herding cats.

Top Web Comics Voting

Thanks to all of you who have been voting, we are currently at 124 in the TWC ranking, which is pretty darn good considering that a couple of weeks ago we were over 300! But we’re starting to get into some pretty hotly contested ranks, and we got off to a late start this month. So rather than continue to pester you for votes in October, we’re going to dedicate November to getting as high in the TWC ranking as possible. We’ll start our big voting push on November 1st and we’ll be offering voting incentives throughout the month.

The last thing we want is to annoy you, so rest assured that this big push for votes will be one month only. After November, we won’t bring it up again.

If you’ve been voting for us over the last week, we can’t thank you enough! (And you certainly don’t have to stop now! We just won’t be bugging you about it for the time being.) If you come out for us next month like you have this week, there’s no telling how high we’ll get in the rankings!