Hey, everyone. Hope you all called your moms yesterday! (Even if it wasn’t Mother’s Day where you live!)

The Avengers is still the #1 movie in the US, and it’s setting records. I think most of my friends who have seen it ended up going back for a second viewing. We did, and it was just as awesome the second time!

What movies are you excited about this Summer? For me, there’s only one film that I’m really looking forward to without reservation, and that’s Brave. Prometheus looks really cool, but if what I’ve read about the plot is true (and it might not be), then I’ll be fairly annoyed. The Amazing Spider-Man is looking promising, but I really don’t think the Spider-Man franchise needed a reboot already. And while I like Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies well enough, I’m not crazy about them, so The Dark Knight Rises isn’t really blowing my skirt up.

How about you?