[The Specialists is on hiatus for two weeks. To tide you over, we’re running Crawlspace, a short story we did several years ago for Dark Horse’s “Strip Search” competition.]

What’s this? Three pages in one week? Will wonders never cease? (Answer: yes, they will at some point, so enjoy them while they last.)

Life Under ConstructionA big welcome back to our friends at Life Under Construction, who took an unexpected hiatus when Liam Tigh, the artist, burned his hands in a fourth-of-July fireworks mishap. LUC is a situational comedy about a man trying to pick up the pieces of his life after a divorce. Liam and his partner Scooter Hughes are fellow members of the Colorado-based Webcomic Pioneers and swell guys. Check out Life Under Construction, but please keep it away from open flame.

Hoi, ChummerAlso, we have another blog post today. If you like fantasy, or science fiction, or video games, or puppies, give it a look.