Please do not adjust your monitor. No, that is not a page of The Specialists above, but let me explain, in case you missed it. We’re taking a two-week hiatus before we start chapter 3, so during those two weeks, we’re going to be running a little something to tide you over. Crawlspace is a 7-page comic that Al and I did several years ago for Dark Horse’s “Strip Search” contest. The winning comics were collected in a print volume, and the grand prize winner got a comic deal, or something (the details are hazy now).

Obviously, we didn’t win, or else we’d surely be Big Time Comics Moguls by now. But our submission is certainly good enough to kill some time before the next chapter starts. We’ll be running a page every weekday until next Tuesday, and then chapter 3 will start the following Monday. Hope you like it!

(By the way, I also wrote a blog post for today about Jesse Owens. You should read it, because if you wrote a blog post about Jesse Owens, I’d read it. I’d do that for you…)